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Fits and seizures

Following stroke, some people have fits or seizures.

This happens because the stroke has injured your brain tissue. Sometimes this causes increases electrical activity in your brain. This causes a fit.

Fits can take different forms:

A woman recovering from a fit

After a fit, you may feel confused. You may need to sleep. Talking may be even more difficult.

Having a fit can be a frightening experience.

It can be alarming to see someone having a fit.

What to do if you have a fit:

  • Someone should make sure you are in a safe place.
  • They should make sure you're lying on your side and stay with you.
  • Nothing should be put in your mouth.
  • Let your doctor know.

If you have several fits, this is called epilepsy.

If you have fits...

A woman sitting by the fire

"Make sure a fireguard protects you from falling on a fire."


Be careful!

If you have a lot of fits you may need to take medication to bring them under control.

Treatment for fits (epilepsy)

If you have a lot of fits after a stroke, you will be prescribed some medication.

Medications which control fits are called anti-convulsants.

  • It might take a while to find the kind of medication and the dosage which is most suitable for you.
  • Some medications have side-effects. If you get a lot of side-effects you may want to try another kind of medication.

Getting more help

Your doctor

  • Can change or reduce your medication if you experience side effects.
  • Can make regular checks on how you are managing with your medication.
  • May want to refer you to a specialist.

Epilepsy Action

  • Produces information about fits and epilepsy.
  • Can give practical advice.
  • Can put you in touch with local contacts and self-help groups.

(0808) 800 5050
New Anstey House
Gate Way Drive
Leeds LS19 7XY


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